Koha ILS

Koha ILS is regarded as the first true Complete Open-Source Integrated Library System. For more Information about Koha ILS and why many Libraries are migrating to Koha, see “Why Choose Koha?!” or visit the official Koha Community Website

Busara Core Solutions offers Installation, Customization, Testing, Data-migration from other systems, Training, Web-deployment, Back-up support and Technical support. Our BCS costs are negotiable and highly competitive. Since 2007, Busara Core Solutions has supported many Libraries across East Africa in Implementation of Koha ILS at extremely competitive rates. (Costs, quotations & system requirements are available upon request). Some of our Past and present clients are listed on here.

Koha was originally created in New Zealand by Katipo Communications Ltd in partnership with Horowhenua Library Trust. It is currently developed and maintained by a team of volunteers from around the globe. Support companies and communities are also widely spread out across the world. A list of support companies may be found at the Koha Community main website at http://www.koha-community.org/support/ Busara Core Solutions is the only listed Koha support company in East and Central Africa. See http://koha-community.org/support/paid-support/continent/

Koha system is a full catalogue, OPAC, circulation and acquisitions system. Koha is a full integrated library system – managing your Catalogue, circulation, patrons, acquisitions and providing public access to your library via the internet.

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