Our core business is to develop, customize and implement top-notch viable production systems. They include: Enterprise Management Systems, Learning Management Systems, Integrated Library Management Systems, Content Management Systems, Point Of Sale Systems, Financial Management Systems, Office Automation Systems, Electronic Archiving Systems, and Document Management Systems.

BCS Solutions for Libraries include two major ILS systems, that is Koha and Evergreen, both available under Open-Source and GNU License. Busara Core Solutions offers Installation, Customization, Testing, Data-migration from other systems, Training, Web-deployment, Back-up support and Technical support. Our BCS costs are negotiable and highly competitive. Since 2007, Busara Core Solutions has supported many Libraries across East Africa in Implementation of Koha ILS at extremely competitive rates. (Costs, quotations & system requirements are available upon request). Some of our Past and present clients are listed on here.

See our range of Solutions: Koha ILS | dSPACE | ePrints | Greenstone | LetoDMS| Evergreen ILS | PoS | OpenERP | Kordil EDMS | OpenBravo